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We have heard the story over and over again. A dad, family man, husband, committed leader was working on a job site and experienced an accident that he thought would define him forever. He was lifting a heavy block and leave a block fell on him leaving him with chronic back pain. For a while, this to find him. He believed that he would never be able to find peace again. He was unable to enjoy playing with his kids outside. He was unable to enjoy exercising and often times eliminated the process completely. In every way, he thought this would define his life for good. That is what we are aiming to change when you seek Chiropractors OKC and find the best at Thrive chiropractic group. We believe in providing complete healing so that you never have to worry about this type of situation again. Part of the ways we are doing this is through our $99 value deal. We believe that we should offer affordable rates and in doing so, your first visit will only be $99. That is our commitment to you here at Thrive chiropractic group. Your first $99 is it includes a complete exam, x-ray and a second adjustment. Your $99 value includes not one, but two chiropractic visits. You can seek services from the highest rated chiropractic group in all of Oklahoma. We had over 450 reviews giving us a five star rating. That means that 450 people were not just satisfied, but extremely satisfied with our chiropractic services.

We provide exceptional services amongst all other Chiropractors OKC. One way we do this is through informative treatment. We believe that we should not just temporarily fix the painful issues with your back and spine. We should provide informative treatment so that you know exactly what is wrong and the exact way we are treating it so that you are better equipped to provide exceptional wellness practices for your entire life.

In addition to informative treatment, the best Chiropractors OKC also provide affordable care. We believe that everyone, no matter the income level should have the chance to receive our exceptional services. Part of the way that we do this is by having a very broad network of insurance providers. We cover most insurances including Blue Cross.

In addition to affordable and exceptional chiropractic care, we provide long-term care. We believe that that when you seek services from a chiropractor, you should have a complete plan set in place to help you transform your a spinal and back health and wellness for good.

We encourage you to learn more by going to our website. On our website you will be able to view video testimonials from clients just like where we were able to completely transform their health and wellness and eliminate back pain. Just go to and you can schedule an appointment there. In addition, you may also speak to our representatives when you call 405.604 5295 for South OKC or 405.735.8282 for Moore.

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This content was written for Thrive Chiro.

It was a cold, rainy day. You were on your way home from work. You were completely committed to going home so that you could see your family sooner, eat dinner with your family and begin a relaxing and non-eventful evening. A driver came out of nowhere. They ran a red stoplight and left you in a car accident. The accident was not your fault. You were an innocent bystander and the result of an unfortunate situation. Luckily, you are okay. It could have been much worse. You survived with minor scrapes and bruises. However, now there is an issue that is unseen to the naked eye. You are having chronic back pain because of the incident. There is no way that you can lift weights anymore, exercise, or do any of the things that you enjoyed before. This situation happens more often than not. That is why here at Thrive chiropractic group we are completely committed to offering services for auto accidents and Worker’s Comp. We help you get started with a $99 value. Your $99 visit for the first time includes not one, but two visits. This includes an exam and x-ray with a second day adjustment. Our mission is to educate and provide our services to as many people possible to take control of their health and wellness goals. We have over 450 5 star Google reviews. This is 450 clients who were exceptionally satisfied with our services. That is because we provide a safe and hands-on approach to transforming your back pain so that it never defined you again.

The best Chiropractors OKC has to offer know how important long-term healing is. That is what we offer here at thrive chiropractic clinic. We believe in exceptional services. That is why we make sure we don’t just temporarily fix the problem, we do everything in our power to heal it long-term.

The best Chiropractors OKC also make sure their care is affordable. Here at thrive chiropractic group, we provide exceptional services and are grouped for most insurance companies. We want to make sure you never have to overpay for chiropractic services again and that your insurance to cover as much of it as possible.

In addition to providing chiropractic care, we also provide physiotherapy care and stretch exercise techniques. We are the best Chiropractors OKC has ever seen for many reasons. One of those is it because of our ability to provide informative treatment. We believe that the more educated you are on your particular issue, the better you will be in the long run. We know that if we are able to educate you on the problem, you can help us achieve the goal of complete healing.

We urge you to visit our website by going to On our website you can schedule your appointment today. In addition, you may contact us by calling 405.604 5295 for South OKC or 405.735.8282 for Moore. We look forward to helping you with your spinal and back wellness goals. We truly are the chiropractic clinic committed to excellence.