Pregnancy Chiropractic Care

At Thrive Chiropractic Group, we provide prenatal chiropractic care in the Oklahoma City metro area to help relieve back pain and protect your body during pregnancy. According to a recent study, over 75% of pregnant women experience back pain directly related to their pregnancy. Some of the most frequent symptoms include joint pain, spine misalignment and range of motion limitations as the body changes to carry the growing baby.

If you’re experiencing pregnancy-related symptoms, chiropractic care can help. We understand that your body’s health can affect your joints, nerves and organs. Our experienced chiropractors are all Webster Certified and can provide care for symptoms such as nausea and joint, neck or back pain. Our treatments can also help reduce stress on the pelvis to alleviate pain and discomfort.

If you live in South Oklahoma City, Moore or Edmond, we have a location near you to help meet your needs. When you come to us for chiropractic care, we offer experienced, caring chiropractors with experience in pregnancy treatment. You can have peace of mind that the care you receive will be comfortable and safe for mother and baby.

Benefits of Seeing A Chiropractor For pregnancy

What are the benefits of prenatal chiropractic treatment? Chiropractic care is an excellent way to maintain a healthy pregnancy and prepare for a safe delivery for you and your baby. With or without pregnancy-related pain, going to a chiropractor for pregnant women can offer many benefits.

Reduced pain during pregnancy
With half of all pregnant patients experiencing back pain, chiropractic care has become a common source of relief. In multiple studies, chiropractic care during pregnancy has been proven to be both safe and effective. Studies showed that 75-85% of patients experienced significant relief of their back symptoms while under the care of a chiropractor.

Shorter labor times
No mom says “I hope my labor lasts a very long time.” In a review of multiple studies on chiropractic care during pregnancy, it was found that chiropractic care shortened labor times. For first time moms, it was around 25% shorter. For moms who had already had a previous baby, it was around 31% shorter.

Less back labor –
Research has shown that chiropractic adjustments help significantly decrease the incidence of back labor. Patients with lower back pain during pregnancy are at a 300% greater risk of developing back labor during the birth process. Women who suffer with back labor are much more likely to need pain medication or request an epidural.  Studies have also shown that back labor can lead to an increase in C-Section delivery rates.

Reducing intrauterine constraint
By utilizing the Webster Technique, the chiropractor is also able to reduce some of the causes of intrauterine constraint. Why does this matter? Intrauterine constraint restricts the normal movement of the baby inside of the womb. This can cause a baby to become stuck in a “breech” position where the baby has their feet in the downward position instead of their head. Having a baby in the breech presentation ends up with a caesarian section delivery 85% of the time.


Is Prenatal Chiropractic Care During Pregnancy Safe?

Is chiropractic care safe for pregnant women and their babies? Prenatal chiropractic treatment from a licensed chiropractor has been shown to be extremely safe and can help you have an easier and  healthier pregnancy. Our doctors will take the upmost care of both mom and baby while they are being taken care of at our offices.

According to a comprehensive literature review, prenatal chiropractic care has many positive effects and does not have prevalent adverse effects. It is suspected that the rates of negative side effects are approximately the same as in a traditional chiropractic (non-pregnancy) adjustment. The only common side effect is soreness.

Chiropractic Care After Delivery

As I’m sure you can guess, the birth process can be hard on both the mom and the baby.  This process is made more difficult if Pitocin is needed to induce labor or an epidural is used.  If a C-Section is performed, that is the hardest of all on the baby since they have to be pulled out manually by the doctor.  As soon as possible after delivery we will check both mom and baby for injury.  We have had several parents make our office a stop on their way home from the hospital.


What to Expect From Our Chiropractors For pregnant Women

What should you expect from a visit to a prenatal chiropractor?

The Webster Technique

The first day, we will perform a history and examination. X-rays are rarely utilized while pregnant unless something serious (broken bone, cancer, etc) is suspected. On your second visit to our office, we will sit down with you and discuss what to expect and begin your care with a chiropractic adjustment. During this visit we will also schedule out a time to go over the best plan for your needs and schedule.

A typical adjustment utilizes special pregnancy pillows to allow the mother and baby to be safe and comfortable during their adjustment. The doctor will evaluate the spine and adjust as necessary. The Webster Technique will be utilized to help alleviate intrauterine constraint. The average visit lasts around 15 minutes and can work with nearly anyone’s schedule. How often to come in would vary based upon previous history, trauma, symptoms, and how many weeks left until birth. Our expert staff will evaluate your needs and ensure that you receive the right treatment for your symptoms and any long-term conditions, helping prepare you for a healthy delivery.

Chiropractic Care During Pregnancy

Why Choose Thrive Chiropractic Group?

At Thrive Chiropractic Group, we take a long-term approach to patient care. We treat more than short-term symptoms — we provide corrective treatment to help promote lasting health benefits for each patient. Our dedication to safe, trusted care shows in the high reviews and testimonials we’ve received from patients throughout the Oklahoma City metro area.

When you work with us, you’ll experience the difference of having a team of staff and doctors who want to help you thrive. We offer a practical, drug-free treatment option to help pregnant women reduce pain during pregnancy and protect their bodies during labor and delivery. We also help patients live healthier outside of our offices, providing education on nutrition and exercises they can do at home.

We’re happy to accommodate most major insurance companies. Our active network includes BlueCross/BlueShield, Global Health, Medicare, and many others.

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From our expert, caring staff to our personalized treatment plans, we strive to provide care you can trust. We focus on treating long-term conditions and injuries and helping you enjoy better health for years to come. Call us at one of our local offices in South Oklahoma City, Moore or Edmond, or contact us online to schedule an appointment or learn more about our services.

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