Chiropractic Care for Children

At Thrive Chiropractic Group, our chiropractors serve kids in OKC, Moore and Edmond, Oklahoma. We provide evidence-based, safe and effective services to our pediatric patients. By age 6, it has been shown that children may have already experienced in excess of 3000 falls. If you would like our qualified doctors to help ensure those small injures are cared for before they become injuries – our team welcomes you and your family to experience the benefits of pediatric chiropractic adjustment in our comfortable and professional offices.


Children and their families can benefit from these advantages of chiropractic care:

  • High level of safety: According to research reviewed by the American Chiropractic Association (ACA), children’s chiropractic services are very safe. These services have an incredibly low rate of adverse events and malpractice insurance claims.
  • Relief for a variety of symptoms: Though some of our pediatric patients receive chiropractic care due to an injury, many parents bring their children for a variety of other reasons. The ACA’s evidence suggests that chiropractic therapy could also help with conditions such as ear infections.  The ICPA has research showing that chiropractic care for conditions such as colic was more effective than a popular prescribed medication, Dimethicone. In the words of the founder of Thrive Chiropractic Group “We’d rather keep a child healthy than to fix them as a broken adult.”
  • Tailored to children: Pediatric chiropractic practice involve similar techniques to adult chiropractic services but adapted for a child’s body. A chiropractor for kids uses less force and makes smaller points of contact.  We also utilize the Webster Technique for our expectant mothers to assist during their pregnancy.  All of our offices are family friendly and enjoy taking care of our younger patients.



When you visit one of our offices, you can experience:

  • Professional service. We take a professional yet personal approach to our services that centers each patient in their care. Our team strives to deliver the best service possible while understanding your family’s needs.
  • A focus on long-term wellness. We know that health and taking care of your spine is an ongoing effort. We support our patients as we care for their spines with regular chiropractic services. Much like your teeth that require regular brushing and cleanings to stay healthy, chiropractic wellness takes a collaborative and lifelong effort to keep up.
  • An emphasis on family well-being. When serving children, we focus on the entire family’s well-being. As a family practice, we can help everyone in your family, including children and parents. Our staff will also help ensure your family’s comfort and satisfaction during your visits.

Your First Appointments

Our treatment plans include multiple appointments that will focus on ongoing and long-term spine health. Every patient’s experience begins with the first three appointments:

1. During your first visit to Thrive, our chiropractors will assess your child’s needs. We will perform an initial examination, take a set of X-rays if needed and provide a consultation.  Then the doctor will review all of the information, history, examination, and the X-rays to create a customized care plan.

  1. 2. Your child’s second appointment will consist of a chiropractic adjustment and assessment. After making your child’s first adjustment, their chiropractor will note their findings to look over during the third appointment.  
  1. 3. During the third appointment, we will review your child’s findings and care recommendations. We will create a care plan based on what was found during the first adjustment and x-rays. The rest of your child’s treatments will follow this customized treatment strategy.


Our insurance coverage extends to a variety of leading providers. We are currently part of the network for Blue Cross Blue Shield, Global Health, Medicare and many others.

We aim to help our patients thrive through lifelong spine care. Parents in Oklahoma City, Moore, or Edmond can schedule an appointment today at one of our three offices to get started with chiropractic care for their children.

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