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Thrive Chiropractic Group – Doctor Wanted

Hey Chiropractors! We are looking for an awesome doctor to add to our team at Thrive Chiropractic Group (www.thrivechiros.com). We currently have a 4 doctor team and are looking to add a 5th doctor. We run three very professional chiropractic offices in Oklahoma and are looking for a doctor with the following:

– You must be coachable! We have hired Dr. Joe Borio as a coach and have been coached by Dr. Tim Young as well as several others. You will be coached well and often. You will be flown to out of state trips to help us train to be the best. Do you enjoy learning? Are you good at implementing systems? Are you open to becoming part of a group determined to help as many people as possible? Then this is a good fit for you

– You must be personable! Do you love people? Do you establish report easily? Are you good with working with others on your team? You will fit right in.

– You must be professional! We run our offices well. We have systems and staff in place to handle everything. We perform marketing for you and we also perform your report of findings for you so that you can focus on adjusting patients and being an awesome doctor. Are you tech savy? We have spent significant time and money getting the latest technology (digital x-rays, Platinum software, touch screen interfaces, etc). Are you good at being on time and ready to work? Are you able to have a bad day, but still bring your A game to work? We’d love to have you!

– You must be a good adjuster! We utilize mainly diversified and a few (like side posture) parts of Gonstead. We also have the pro-adjuster instrument in every room for patients who need it. You will be trained to see 100+ patients per day. So, can you give a great adjustment? Perfect!

– You must want to succeed! We offer a base salary, but much of your pay is designed to come from merit based pay. That means the better you perform and the more people you help, your pay goes up substantially. So, do you want to be paid well based upon your hard work? We are your place!

Send resume to [email protected] and we look forward to working with you.