Chiropractic Care for Athletes

If you’re an athlete, your body goes through a lot. You regularly push yourself to the limit — and over time, this intense, repetitive work can wear on your body, causing inflammation and potential injuries. The majority of professional athletes have a chiropractor on their team that works with them to not only help current injuries but also to prevent injuries and maintain peak performance.

The risk of injuries is especially elevated for repeated movements executed incorrectly because of asymmetry or misaligned body parts. These movements could eventually develop into stretches or tears that could land you on the bench.

Athletes who seek traditional medical treatments could face surgeries and prescription painkillers, leaving them recovering for long time periods and running the risk of addiction. Treatment by a chiropractor could offer a nonsurgical, drug-free road to recovery that can get you back in the game. Plus, chiropractic care can also be used as a preventive measure to treat muscle imbalances and movement patterns, preventing future injuries from occurring. 

Chiropractic Care For Athletes

Professional athletes have been receiving treatment from chiropractors for many years, and several have credited that treatment with giving them the edge they needed to perfect their sport. Some of the most accomplished athletes who have regularly been treated by chiropractors include Michael Phelps, Tom Brady, Michael Jordan, Cristiano Ronaldo and Venus Williams.

Athletes of all ages and abilities require care and attention to keep their bodies functioning for peak performance. Whether you’re a professional athlete competing in top-level competitions or a teenager on a travel team, a chiropractor will help you treat your injuries and prevent new ones from occurring.

Reap The Benefits of Seeing an Athletic Chiropractor

Thrive Chiropractic Group provides advanced sports chiropractic treatments to keep athletes at the top of their game.

Our chiropractic treatments can aid sports performance in the following ways:

  • Increased flexibility: All athletes require flexibility and agility as well as a wide range of motion. Our chiropractic treatments assess any restrictions and focus on aligning all areas of the body so that joints can move properly.
  • Correct posture and form: Having incorrect form and posture can increase your risk of severe injury. Sports chiropractic treatments help to balance and stabilize spinal muscles, improving your posture.
  • Reduced recovery time: Treating sports injuries with chiropractic care is noninvasive, which means you can get back out on the field sooner. We also take care to address any inflammation or areas that show the greatest potential for future injuries and provide preventive care, leading to less downtime.
  • Better techniques: In addition to making adjustments, our sports chiropractors will provide you with stretching techniques and exercises that you can use to address problem areas or prevent future injuries.

We thoroughly evaluate the needs of every patient we care for, which allows us to create customized care plans for each individual. Athletes benefit from this individualized care because it allows them to be actively involved in their treatment and more likely to take the advice of their doctor to prevent future injuries.

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As an athlete, you rely on your body to perform. Whether you compete professionally or participate on a lower level, your body needs thorough care to treat and prevent sports-related injuries. We can help.

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