Includes 2 visits, X-Rays,
and Day 2 Adjustment

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42.7% of workers who first saw a surgeon ended up in surgery, as opposed to only 1.5% of those who first saw a chiropractor. – Spine (Medical Journal)

According to the recovery time for a typical spinal surgery is up to 3 months. The worst pain is generally over after 4 weeks with some people continuing to experience pain for up to 6 months after surgery.

What People Are Saying

Absolute miracle worker! They have always done a great job and always make me feel better! I leave every time feeling taller and stronger. Incredibly professional and courteous.They always make you feel physically better!
Sara H.

If you are reading through reviews trying to find a good Chiropractor. You’ve found it! Don’t go anywhere else until you try here. I went in with weekly migraines and now only months after, I have not had a migraine at all.
Jackie M.

If my son likes it you know it’s good! He won’t let very many touch him and he loves it here!!! 🙂 Definitely one grateful momma for full nights sleep again after just 1 adjustment on my 4 year old son. Had his second adjustment today and he did even better!!! Thank you to all of the very sweet staff!
Jamee W.

I have been suffering with lower back pain for about a month. After only my 2nd visit of being adjusted, I have felt relief. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! I can tie my shoes again!
Tracy J.